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(Jocelyn Davis)
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Background Real Name: Jocelyn Davis. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: She comes from a big family, but we don’t know the names of her relatives. Group Affiliation: DV8. Base Of Operations: I.O. Facilities. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle...

(Phil's profile)
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Background Real Name: Unrevealed. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Apollo (long-term lover). Group Affiliation: The Authority. Base Of Operations: The Carrier. Height: 6’0” Weight: 210lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});...

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History The granddaughter of the notorious criminal, Charlie Arrows, Lucy inherited her powers from the changes that had empowered him. She ran away from home, and ended up living on the streets, where she utilised her powers to help herself survive, however she could. She came to the...

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Context Tao (Tactically Augmented Organism) is a Wildstorm comics character. He was introduced in 1995, when the Image Comics founders started hiring competent writers to compensate for the clear weaknesses in much of their early output. In Tao’s case, he was created by Alan Moore....

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Powers and Abilities The Machinist is a highly competent gadgeteer, but he’s not creative. He has to use the plans drawn by an inventor. He never managed to create something on his own, though he’s very handy when building advanced tech (even comic book stuff such as force...

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Powers and Abilities Prior to his resurrection Charlie Arrows possessed limited precognitive abilities, which helped him to survive numerous dangerous situations. When Mister Pharmacist revived him, he removed the cancer from Charlie’s brain, allowing his full powers to manifest. He has...

(Michael Heller)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities Evo is a Gen-Active 2nd generation. He was given the synthetic Gen-Factor compound that Ivana Baiul designed to give powers to her Guinea pigs. He can shape change into three distinct...

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Though the book’s sales made returns of the characters difficult to obtain, the existing fan base seems to have been quite dedicated. Background Real Name: Leon Carver. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Eunice (Mother). Group Affiliation: DV8. Base Of Operations: I.O. Facilities. He...

Profile #1 - I.O.
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Crippled by the injury, Santini refused to accept a desk job and opted instead to undergo a series of experimental operations to replace his shattered knee with a mechanical one. The operations proved successful, but the strain resulting of such efforts as participating in an operation was...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities Guido is huge, and incredibly strong and durable. It seems likely that he’s a low-level superhuman. Masseria proved able to wrestle a superhumanly strong mummy to the ground for a short...