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History Left over by IO, it was but a pile of junk in Crane’s yard. Geek, having nothing else to do but wandering around, found it, built it and educated it in front of the TV. It is now used as a last resort fire support. Most of all, it allows Geek to see some action, as he has...

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Terrain : Nearly half of the main island is covered by cities, the rest is half mountains, half tropical jungles Elevation extremes : The 2 mountainous areas are called Utsuro mountains and Daraku mountains Natural resources : Fertile soil Natural hazard : The island is...

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ORGANIZATION Full Name : Sliding Albion. Purpose : Almost all of their society’s aspects are, at best, in stagnation for the last 50 years, the rest is decadent. Most of the land is poisoned by the numerous bacteriological weapons they used. What they need is a new...