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Power Level
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Powers and Abilities Grunge is a Gen-Active 2nd generation, child of a member of the Team 7 (who were the first exposed to the Gen-Factor). His power allows him to absorb the material of anything he touches and turn his body into that material. He can also fuse with the material,...

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These are older notes, mostly based on the first Planetary TPB. Background Real Name: Elijah Snow Marital Status: Unrevealed. Known Relatives: None Group Affiliation: Planetary. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 6’ Weight: 180 lbs. Eyes: Black Hair: White Powers and Abilities The extend of...

(Christine Trelane)
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Powers and Abilities Synergy is a seedling  (mutant). Her distinctive abilities allows her to activate latent powers in other seedling, or to neutralize them. Though the activation is permanent, the neutralization is temporary. She can only affect seedlings as her own powers...

Organisation profile
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Modus operandi : They are expected to interfere only upon the target country’s government’s request. But they have been known to operate from their own decision, usually undercover. The ’Code Perfect‘ invocation, the call that asks StormWatch’s...

Foster McLane
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Powers and Abilities Flashpoint’s only power is to fire concussion energy blast from his eyes. The better part is that he can make the beam follow any path he desires. He also has a top combat and investigation training. History Flashpoint joined the rank of StormWatch with Battalion...

Alessandra Fermi
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History Daughter of a famous Italian opera singer, Alessandra was gifted with the same talent as her mother. When she passed her first audition with a great opera tenor, the stress made her power manifest and she broke all the glass in the room, sending window debris at the face of the...

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Powers and Abilities Slag’s body is made of solid lava, which makes him invulnerable and extremely strong. He can project lava blasts and control the shape of the surrounding ground, as long as it’s connected to Earth. History Slag is of German origin. Nothing is said about...