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(Cole Cash)
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Powers and Abilities The Grifter’s ageing has been slowed by an unknown factor. Presumably that was either due to Zealot’s intervention or his exposure to the Gen-Factor. The resulting physiological alterations seem to have left him abnormally resistant to damage and pain and...

 0   -   
Powers and Abilities Hellslayer is an expert sharpshooter and gunfighter. She’s also pretty athletic, and might have military skills. She seems fluent in English, Spanish and French. Hellslayer originally carried a plasma rifle – sometimes two when she doesn’t have to...

(Seamus O'Brienn)
 0   -   
Powers and Abilities Deathtrap is a highly experienced mercenary, terrorist and paramilitary type. He’s a large, strong man, a superb gunfighter, a demolition expert, an excellent athlete, a forceful and crafty leader, a smart tactician, etc.. He’s even able to pilot advanced...

(Nicole Calahan)
 0   -   
Powers and Abilities Bliss is a Gen-Active of the second generation, child of a member of the Team 7 who were the first exposed to the Gen-Factor. Her power gives her the ability to tremendously stimulate the pain/pleasure system of her target, up to the point of killing them. When used for...

 0   -   
Powers and Abilities Razer is a Seedling  with very straightforward powers. She can fly very fast, and shoot lasers from her eyes. She’s sometimes seen shooting energy blasts from her hands. It’s unclear whether this is a continuity error or a normal aspect of her...

 0   -   
Powers and Abilities Helspont is a daemonite High Lord. He shares his race ability to possess hosts. As he despises the human race, he did not choose a human. He”s hosted in an Acuran body, which gives him this physical body and some of his abilities. He is a great Daemonite...

 0   -   
Like any mercenary unit, they are contacted by warring parties. They expect to be given a designated assignment they will accomplish or die trying to. The only alternative to success is death, according to their dogma. The Coda can accurately be called a cult. The services of the...

(Victoria Santini née N'Gengi)
 0   -   
Background Real Name: Victoria Santini, née Victoria Ojuku N’Gengi. Note: There’s a continuity error on her name, so I did a robertbrucebannerisation  and made her least common last name (“Ojuku”) her middle name. Marital Status: Apparently married. Known Relatives: Unnamed father, brother...

(Reno Bryce)
 0   -   
Background Real Name: Reno Bryce. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: WildCATs. Base Of Operations: Halo Building, NYC. Height: 6’3” Weight: 195 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Green Powers and Abilities Warblade is a Human-Kherubim crossbreed. His Kherubim half...

(Priscilla Kitaen) (Early)
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Voodoo was necessarily the most arresting of characters. As a result, she later received more focused character development and more dynamic abilities. This is covered in our second Voodoo (WildCATs) character profile. Background Real Name: Priscilla Kitaen. Marital Status: Single. She...