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How she managed to qualify for so many training programs is an enigma, but one gets the impression that her boss and mentor, General Carrington, had her trained to be his personal special agent, bodyguard and troubleshooter. Major Jones can be thrown in the general direction of a situation,...

(Thirteen, 13)
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Powers and Abilities “Alan Smith” (aka Jason Fly, aka Jason MacLane, aka Steve Rowland, aka Kelly Brian, etc. etc.) is a superior fighter, commando, marksman, security specialist and intelligence agent. It is impossible — even for himself — to identify what his training...

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Powers and Abilities Agent Martin is a genuinely competent special agent and hitwoman. She has superior people skills and acting skills. She can track down people, set up assassinations, subtly interrogate marks, fight and/or drive her way out of trouble and the like – with more...