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Background Real Name: Xena Other Aliases: The Warrior Princess Marital Status: In a relationship with Gabrielle Known Relatives: Gabrielle (Soul mate), Cyrene (mother, deceased by end of series), Toris (older brother), Lyceus (younger brother, deceased), Atrius (father, deceased), Solan (son,...

(Xena character)
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Beyond that, there is arguably the reincarnated Callisto as Eve but I leave that out as that was a different actress and went beyond changes in Callisto. I could have just made up the Warrior or perhaps also the Goddess. After all, the “demonically empowered” Callisto was one...

(Kevin Sorbo / Legendary Journeys version)
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Background Real Name: Hercules Other Aliases: Porkules Marital Status: Widowed Known Relatives: Zeus (father), Alcmene (mother), Deinara (wife, deceased), Aeson (son, deceased), Klonus (son, deceased), Ilea (daughter, deceased), Apollo (half-brother), Ares (half-brother), Iphicles...