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Context For more context about the Warframe game and its setting, see our Warframe primer. This is just a repository of my current roster. It’s mostly meant for colouring and details inspiration for WF players. And for folks who like peekchurs of baroque space cyborgs, I guess. The...

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It features a baroque far future, a bewildering pile-up of game systems, and lots of weapons. It’s pretty, very popular, and not *too* predatory. Unless you’re addiction-prone, but then in that case you already know to avoid F2P games. The game systems remind me of Path of...

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Playing Borderlands The first Borderlands game, released in 2009 and 2010, has some peculiarities that may make the beginning of the game frustrating. So if you play it — perhaps after getting it on sale — here are a few quick but important pointers : On PC it is easy to get...