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Context These creatures were described in the RPG sourcebook GURPS Magic. Our contributor David thought they were interesting. Powers and Abilities Skull spirits are vaporous demonic beings which leech human souls on contact. History The skull spirits have haunted man for millenia, creating...

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Context VOR: The Maelstrom was a 1999 figurines-based wargame from FASA. It was a solid design and concept. Alien species the Growlers were among the notable creatures featured in the game. Powers and Abilities Growlers are huge, physically powerful, carbon-based life forms. Their body...

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Context Beholders are one of the most recognisable monsters created for the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing games. They first appeared in print in 1975, because none of us ain’t getting any younger. Thus, that somebody would wonder what sort of DC Heroes RPG stats...