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The setting mixes highly advanced technology, and a society that is more reminiscent of the late 18th century Imperial Russia. Nikolai Dante, a swashbuckling ne’er-do-well, discovers that he’s a bastard son of the powerful Romanov dynasty. His genes give him access to certain...

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Background Real Name: Lucy, Durham Red originates from a clerical error of Durham, Red. Red was a nickname and Durham was her first husband. Other Aliases: Red, The Blood Queen, Empress Redwina, Saint Scarlet of Durham, The Abomination, The Blasphemy, The Strontium Bitch, Brite Red,...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities Hotspur’s main abilities seem to be strength and durability, and extraordinarily strong willpower. He quotes scripture in combat, and is an inspiring character to believers. He fights clad in...

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As often with this generation of tales, the depicted future is grim, violent and dismal. Johnny Alpha, the protagonist, is part of the persecuted mutant minority – though he’s far less disfigured than most of his kind. He works as a “Strontium Dog”, a sort of...