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The setting mixes highly advanced technology, and a society that is more reminiscent of the late 18th century Imperial Russia. Nikolai Dante, a swashbuckling ne’er-do-well, discovers that he’s a bastard son of the powerful Romanov dynasty. His genes give him access to certain...

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Background Real Name: Lucy, Durham Red originates from a clerical error of Durham, Red. Red was a nickname and Durham was her first husband. Other Aliases: Red, The Blood Queen, Empress Redwina, Saint Scarlet of Durham, The Abomination, The Blasphemy, The Strontium Bitch, Brite Red,...

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History Hotspur originates from the parallel world called Alternative 257. He might be patterned after evangelical hero Hotshot. Hotspur is one of the main characters that faces the multi-dimensional threat of the Lloigor (in the Zenith series, Phase III; find all the details in the...

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As often with this generation of tales, the depicted future is grim, violent and dismal. Johnny Alpha, the protagonist, is part of the persecuted mutant minority – though he’s far less disfigured than most of his kind. He works as a “Strontium Dog”, a sort of...