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(StormWatch) (part #1)
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The parts go : Fahrenheit profile #1 – agent of StormWatch. Fahrenheit profile #2 – StormWatch Red leader. Fahrenheit profile #3 – the StormWatch PHD project. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Background Real Name: Lauren...

(StormWatch) (Part #2)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities Fahrenheit’s general abilities have not changed. However she has grown in experience, power and competence. She’s no longer a rookie, but a proficient super-heroine. History Henry...

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Context Shadowgrounds is a 2006 video game. It is a top-down shooter – so the battling ballistic action is seen as if hovering above the main character. But is otherwise quite reminiscent of DooM. It has the general “space cyberpunk ” aesthetics. So think...

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Background Real Name: Theresa Rourke Cassidy. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Thomas “Black Tom” Cassidy (“uncle”, in fact her father’s cousin), Sean Cassidy aka Banshee (father), Maeve Rourke Cassidy (mother, deceased). Group Affiliation: Black Tom...

(Early era)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Background Real Name: Mr. Lucas (first name unrevealed at that point), also known as Luke Cage. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None at that point. Group Affiliation: None at that point. Base Of Operations:...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Background Real Name: Namorita “Nita” Prentiss. Other Aliases: Kymaera. Marital Status:Single. Known Relatives: Namora (Genetic mother, deceased), Talan (Father, deceased), Betty Dean-Prentiss (Foster...

(Transformers) (1980s Marvel Comics)
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Our write-ups specifically cover the first 12 issues of the “Generation 1” comics series, which was produced by Marvel Comics between the years 1984 and 1993. In this version, the Transformers found themselves trapped on the Earth in the Marvel Universe. The series had brief...

(1980s Marvel US comics)
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Ratchet is one of the most enduring characters in the Transformers franchise. He was one of the main characters early on in the comic series despite his lack of offensive weaponry. In the first 12 issues of the series, he had more appearances than any other Autobot (save Optimus...

(Profile #1 - Classic)
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Background Real Name: Dr. Walter Langkowski. Marital Status: Married. Known Relatives: Unnamed son and estranged wife ; Lillian von Loont (aka Gilded Lily, distant relative). Group Affiliation: Alpha Flight. Former member of Department H. Professor Langkowski apparently retains...

(Mutants & Masterminds RPGs)
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Background Real Name: Jessica Prentiss. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Sentinels. Base of Operations: Emerald City. Height: 5’8″ Weight: 130 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Powers & Abilities Princess has enhanced strength, speed and...