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(Return of the Killer Shrews 2012 movie)
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The Killer Shrews are back, and only one man remembers how to stop them… or die trying ! Context In 2012, Return of the Killer Shrews — a sequel to The Killer Shrews — sees James Best reprising his role as Captain Thorne Sherman. This time, the shrews are poor CGI...

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Context This document lists all the DC Heroes character stats in books published by Mayfair Games. It’s meant to be used by running searches — CTRL+F and so on, assuming a Windows OS. It was assembled yonks ago as “whowhere.txt” by the DCH community. For years it was...

(1959 horror movie)
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“Those who hunt by night will tell you that the wildest and most vicious of all animals is the tiny shrew. The shrew feeds only by the dark of the moon. He must eat his own body weight every few hours or starve. And the shrew devours everything. Bones, flesh,...

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Context This article is about animals in the Warframe video game. If you’re not familiar with this world, we suggest that you first read our primer to the Warframe setting. Overview Kavat are feline creatures, roughly similar to a panther. However they have multiple tails, feathers...

(Atlas Comics)
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Context Atlas Comics was the successor company of Timely Comics, and the predecessor of Marvel Comics. It was active during the 1950s, back when super-hero comics were in a slump. It was the interregnum era, between the Golden Age  and the Silver Age . Astonishing was one of...

(Grim Dawn)
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Fury corruptions belong to the undead corruption subclass. That is, they are corpses reanimated through magical possession. This creates various kinds of walking dead. Some, such as furies, are infused with magical energy. But they are still readily recognizable as zombies, if...

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Context This is a “hidden species” bunch of guys, who first appeared in the 1970s run of Ms. Marvel. They unexpectedly returned in X-Men during the early 2000s. So, yes, lizard people. But they’re nice enough. Mostly. Overview The People are large humanoid...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Limos demons often accompany less impressive eurynomus demons. These presumably serve Eurynomos – the demonic embodiment of corpses rotting. Mayhap the limoi lead the eurynomes in a fashion. A giant, ancient...

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Context Shadowgrounds is a minor 2006 shooter video game, by Frozenbytes. There are scythe worms in it. For a bit more context, see our Wesley Tyler character profile. These beasties looked like they could be useful to have, and can be reused in many contexts. Overview Scythe worms...

(Part #4)
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Valérian, space-time agent – start there. Laureline, space-time agent. Valérian and Laureline, space-time agents. Addendum – helpful alien animals. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This fourth entry presents alien animals whose helpful...