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Context The caveats, the chapters listing and the technical discussion are in Chapter 0 of the Weapons Locker – Melee Weapons document. Common small, sharp melee weapons Shivs and shanks The meaning of these words varies from area to area and era to era. For our purposes a shiv is a...

(Technical article)
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Introduction This article deals with fighting shields, from the low-tech to the future tech. As always with Weapons Locker articles, we are interested in fiction. With an emphasis on comic books, action movies, RPGs and video games. It’s not an historical study of...

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Context If you’re not familiar with the Warframe video game, you can first check our Warframe setting article. This entry assumes familiarity. This article is part of our Weapons Locker series, about (wait for it) weapons. Warframe is covered in three articles : Part #1...

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Introduction This article covers the sort of weapons you’re likely to see in an Old West story (also known as the Western or Wild West genre). These tales are usually set in the US during the 1860s, 1870s and 1880s – the 20-30 years that follow the Civil War. As always in Weapons...