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As he has only two appearances and it’s in a two-part episode of the same story at that, I can get ridiculously detailed and even speculate about his history although I will always make it clear when I am speculating. I really liked the series and this was the kind of episode that fans in...

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Background Real Name: John Ross Ewing II. Other Aliases: John Junior, J.R.. Marital Status: Married. Known Relatives: John Ross Junior III (son w/Sue Ellen Shepard), Mr. Harper (son w/Cally Harper, first name unrevealed), James Richard Beaumont (son w/Vanessa Beaumont), Eleanor Southworth...

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Richard Channing (played by David Selby, who also was on the horror series Dark Shadows) is the main black hat of the second season. He’s evil, we tell you. Eeeeevvviiil. Drama, death, money, catastrophes, wine, corrupt lawyers, lost siblings, grapes… and amidst it all,...

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The core plot of the series is the flight of the last survivors of humanity after the cataclysmic attack by the alien Cylons. The titular Battlestar Galactica is the last capital ship left for the ragged human refugees. Our BSG2004 profiles are short notes for people who watched the...

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Background Real Name: Theodore Bagwell. Other Aliases: T-Bag. Marital Status: Unrevealed. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: The Alliance for Purity. Base Of Operations: Usually the prison. Height: 6’0” Weight: 160 lbs. Age: 40+ years. Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown, dyed...

(1967 live action) (featuring Tim Herbert)
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Context Killer Moth is a late Golden Age  Batman villain, who appeared in 1951. Though he did have an elusive je ne sais quoi, it was faint indeed and he never caught on. Yet he kept returning in minor, scattered roles over the decades. Many of these appearances stem from his...