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Powers and Abilities Carnifex is an agent for the Justice Department, who finds in his jobs a legal release for his love of violent combat. He’s extremely fast, mean, strong, tough and aggressive, and is a natural master of hand to hand fighting. While he never studied martial arts, he...

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Essentially it begins shortly after World War II. A human-like race, albeit much more advanced technologically with some psychic powers is at war. They have a genetic virus that they want to use on their foes, but because of its bizarre effects, they want to test it first. Discovering Earth, and...

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Context Durg At’Morakh is a minor character in the Wild Cards super-hero novels. For full context, you can read the Wild Cards setting primer and the Doctor Tachyon character profile. In this shared world, Durg is one of writer Melinda Snodgrass ’ creations. Background Alter...

(Daniel Brennan)
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Badass archer Yeoman was one of John J. Miller ’s characters. If you’re not familiar with the setting, we recommend that you first read our Wild Cards world primer. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Background Real Name: Daniel Brennan.

(Lorra Juarez)
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Context GURPS: Aces Abroad was a tabletop role-playing supplement for the Wild Cards super-hero novels by George R. R. Martin, Melinda Snodgrass et al. Cocamama was a Non-Player Character  in one leg of this adventure. For more context, see our old primer to the Wild Cards setting. Base...