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I of the tiger There are multiple Marvel Comics characters named “White Tiger”, and I guess it can be confusing to people who aren’t experts. So here’s an orientation (Wikipedia would say “disambiguation”) page for your convenience. Hector Ayala from the...

(Michelinie's aborted 1970s cosmology)
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Behold the realm of the fifteen worlds — seven of light and seven of darkness, and one world hanging precariously in the balance. The place where the real and the world of dream fuse and become the one — the world of Claw the Unconquered ! Context During the mid-1970s, DC...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In the 1950s and 1960s apparently the idea was to change nothing, so that a reader would always know what to expect. Lois Lane would always be trying to prove that Superman and Clark Kent were one and the same, for...

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Context The Sorcerer Supreme is a powerful magician protecting the Marvel Universe (or maybe just Earth-616 , it has not always been clear) against mystical threats. In modern times, the position has generally been filled by Doctor Strange. In 2007, a sourcebook called the Marvel Tarot...

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Why ? The issue is that the chronicled adventures in the Marvel Universe have been running for decades (since 1962, if you want to zero-in on the “modern age”). This makes the longevity of most of the recurring characters wildly improbable. Spider-Man, appearing in 1963,...

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It is by no means meant to be a complete index of any kind, but instead serves to help GMs and Players when playing a Mystical Genre set in or utilizing the rules of the Marvel Universe. Table of content CHAPTER 1: FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OF MAGIC IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE. CHAPTER 2: MAGIC USERS AND...

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Introduction This article is a review of the non-core equipment that Captain America has used over his career. It is primarily intended to provide game stats for all the gear, but it has all the necessary background material. These items have been used at various stages in Captain...