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Context These are vintage (late 1990s, I *think*) DC Heroes RPG notes about the technical aspects of joining the Justice League International. It’s primarily of interest for campaigns where the heroes are associating with an old-school version of the League. or as inspiration for...

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Essentially it begins shortly after World War II. A human-like race, albeit much more advanced technologically with some psychic powers is at war. They have a genetic virus that they want to use on their foes, but because of its bizarre effects, they want to test it first. Discovering Earth, and...

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These are the runes used by Shadowmage, a member of The Solution in the Ultraverse. ...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Location Type : Transdimensional meta-concept. Situation : A plane of reality which intersects our own. Area : Potentially infinite. Land Boundaries : None. Climate : Mostly temperate if any. Terrain : Urban. Natural...