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(John Henry Martin)
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Context Outlaw appeared in one of Kim Yale and John Ostrander’s Manhunter issues, in 1989. He then popped back for an encore in a few late-run Suicide Squad issues, in 1991/92. He’s a super-strong, lone wolf outlaw biker. Who apparently became a mercenary. Background Real...

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Background Real Name: Clark Still a.k.a. Clark Steel. Other Aliases: Tough & Cool. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Ikari Warriors. Base Of Operations: Secret base in the Brazilian jungle. Height: 6’2” Weight: 231 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair:...

(Sample Path of Exile Witch)
The sevenfold witch kills with the dead
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For an introduction to the setting, one should first read our sample Path of Exile Marauder profile. This profile features a sample or customized Player Character. See our video games writeups FAQ for more. This profile features tabletop RPG mechanics about the video game’s...

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Kwinn was a part of the fantastic early portion of the Joe books. He was a honourable mercenary who hampered the efforts of the Joes as much as he helped them. Background Real Name: Unrevealed. Note: We’d assume “Kwinn” is an alias, based on Bob Dylan song The Mighty...

(Atlas/Seaboard caveman)
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Background Real Name: N.A.. Marital Status: N.A.. Known Relatives: A female companion and their child (both deceased). Group Affiliation: None. Base Of Operations: Mobile near Hargrave, Minnesota. Height: 6’10” Weight: 270 lbs. Eyes: Red Hair: Black Powers & Abilities...

(Profile #1 - Montagnard avenger)
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Powers and Abilities Bengal is a very proficient martial artist. He was able to match the early Night Thrasher in combat, but was outclassed by Daredevil. He can hit extremely hard – if wielding a tough melee weapon, he could shatter parts of Night Thrasher’s body armour. His...

(Profile #2 - Initiative)
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Powers and Abilities Bengal might be a bit more martially proficient than before due to additional training and experience. There isn’t enough material to tell. He’s now entirely fluent in English, and speaks with very little accent. Phantom powers of the Bengal – olfactory...

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Background Real Name: Unrevealed. Other Aliases: Lady Tessa. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Base of Operations: Hellfire Club’s Mansions, wherever Sebastian Shaw is. Height: 5’7″ Weight: 135 lbs. Eyes:...

(Part #1)
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It is a science fiction story, of the starships and space aliens kind. Most of the action takes place in a military context, as an apocalyptic threat against the galaxy emerges. It’s one of my favouritest games ever. offers extensive Mass Effect coverage. The core...

(Part #2)
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Description Jack is covered in ink. Her face is the only visible surface without intertwined tattoos. Her hair is shorn in a crew cut with shaved and tattooed patterns within. This distinctive cut was the symbol of a now-defunct cult. There’s a sort of metallic casing with...