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History In the Kryptonian year 6819 (In Earth’s mid-25th century B.C.), the Vrangs landed their invasion fleets on Krypton and enslaved its population, despite warnings by Sul-El of the coming ships. Kryptonians were then forced to mine crystals from the Jewel Mountains, and other...

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Context These guys appear in a Jack Kirby’s Sandman storyline for DC Comics, during the mid-1970s. Reading the character profile for the Sandman (Dr. Garett Sanford) first would be a good idea to understand the context. But it’s not indispensable. They aren’t quite...

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Background Base Of Operations: An unnamed dimension Height: About 3.5m to the shoulder Weight: Tons Eyes: Magenta Hair: None Powers and Abilities Gnarths are huge reptile-like monsters with a hide… like unto a thing of iron ! History Gnarths are enormous animals that live in an...

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Context These monstrous troopers were encountered by Wonder Woman (Diana of Themyscira) once, during a 1969 storyline. That was during the span where Diana had renounced her powers, which we call the “mod karate era”. For more context, see our Wonder Woman (Diana Prince –...