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(1963 comics)
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Solo who seems to be the Jean Dewolff to the Fury’s Spider-Man. Description The Fury seems to be about 15 or 16. But he’s intensively trained from birth. Thus his superb physique, confident manner, super-hero banter and full-coverage costume give the impression he’s...

Thomas John McCall
 0   -   
Personality Badrock is quite at ease with his big time superhero con media circus idol status. He’s a hip, flippant young adult used to talking in public and to television, as well as a confident, calm and fast super-hero who knows that he’s very hard to hurt and trust his raw...

(Liefeld take)
 0   -   
DC Universe History Youngblood makes a good campaign element, actually. Have them appear overnight, with a huge media campaign backing them and a few doctored missions to build their rep. Soon, the US press is spouting stupidity such as “move over, JLA. America’s most popular...