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Quotes Sheldon: “Actually, that’s my work.” Penny: “Wow.” Sheldon: “Ya… well… It’s just some quantum mechanics with some string theory doodling around the edges. That part there, it’s just a joke. It’s a spoof of the...

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Background Real Name: Rajesh Ramayan Koothrapali, PHD Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Doctor and Mrs. Vyan Koothrappali (Parents), Priya Koothrapali (sister), Sanjay aka Dave (cousin), Venkatesh (cousin), 3 unnamed brothers, 1 unnamed sister Group Affiliation: Perpetual Motion Squad...

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Either as a result of his upbringing, or simply because of his natural intelligence, Leonard developed his high IQ. He became a successful experimental physicist. Acquiring his doctorate by the age of 24, he demonstrates proficiency in a wide variety of disciplines including literature,...