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History Since she has lost her memory, Nina’s history is a wee bit hard to determine. During the second King of Iron Fist kumite, she was sent by unknown parties to assassinate the organizer, Kazuya, a man possessed by an evil supernatural force. However, the assassination failed...

(Street Fighters)
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Quotes (Rose remembering her master’s words.) “Someday surely, your field of battle will come to turn towards your steps. Do not forget the *soul power* you’ll grip, it is but a powerful weapon, yet also a weakness for it cannot conquer.” (Facing a bunch of Mafia thugs...

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The amazing power of the drunk, part 1 Drunken Kung Fu is not a system in Chinese martial arts, but a fighting form of Chinese Kung Fu. There are many various Northern and Southern Drunken Kung Fu forms. The description and movements of this generic style symbolize a person who is under...

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He then told Kyle to meet him at the Barfly in 30 minutes but didn’t explain. After punching some random people for randomly trying to punch him, Kyle arrived at the Barfly early. To kill time, he played some pool with the Barfly bartender (and his girlfriend) Vanessa Sims, who of...