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hipped to the Val-de-Grâce military hospital in Paris to finish recovering, Delatour was examined by military doctors who helped him determine how his power worked, and to use it to recover more quickly. Delatour joined ESIGN, very much liking the idea of being part of the...

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Moving along the plateau under cover of the night, these excellent professionals located the site within three days. Their doctor and two weapons specialists rappelled down the steep, narrow cliffs to reach the car’s wreck. The corpse was nearly intact after two years, making most of the...

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Subjects who have had an idyllic father will have a father image (which is treated by the Père’s Shape Change power as the “base animal”) stats in the 3-to-5 range. On the other hand, subjects who have had an actually abusive father may have a tremendously powerful...

(Roberto Mancy)
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School days The Headshool is a tiny dimension which exists within Mancy’s pancreas. He can physically enter it by dimensionally folding upon himself. When he does so, Mancy can take a few things with him — a few kilograms worth — or a single person who’s smaller...

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The ancestry line holds a number of surprises. For instance the flying is chiefly derived from a dozen generations of human-like beings with huge gossamer wings who lived in the Causses area  during the Permian era . Marianne can : Bench-press a modern naval cruiser. Fly...

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History Maryse de Baquardie’s pregnancy didn’t go the usual way. She carried twin daughters – monozygotes – but within six months of term one of the babies’s organism started cannibalizing the other’s. While extremely rare this complication was not...