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Marvel Universe History Perhaps the Jungle Demon fought Shanna the She-Devil during her early career. If so he would have been a foreign doctor who came to Dahomey  as part of an humanitarian effort, but started doing drugs to cope and eventually did a dose that was laced...

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Six weeks later Jane left half the gold to a Doctor Clinton who was doing research in fighting infantile paralysis. Jane used the other half to set herself up in style (Amazing Man Comics #7). Life on Earth Jane had a most eventful day in New York after an extensive trip through...

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Flexo has been seen during no less than four separate missions against criminals. The first was to prevent the evil Doctor Murdo from fashioning a Death Ray from some radium he’d stolen. The second saw Flexo retrieving a secret ’torpedo repeller‘ that the spy Karl Damos...

(Rex Tyler)
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Man of the hour Tyler decided to use his discovery to become a force of good in the form of a mystery-man called the Man of the Hour, or Hourman. He started by taking out an ad in the local newspaper, soliciting requests from those who considered themselves beyond normal avenues of aid. His...

(Bruce Dickson)
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History (From Shortly after receiving his degree, Doctor Bruce Dickson set off on an expedition to the Himalayan mountains, attempting to conquer Mount Kalpurthia. Upon his being hit by a powerful blizzard, he sought shelter in a cave, where he...

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This Italian name is intended to sound as clumsy and as unlikely in Italian as “Madame La Morte” sounds in French. Both are something a little child might say, and both would translate roughly as “The Lady Who Is Dead” or “Mrs. Dead Lady”. Italian...

(Laslo Pevely)
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Context The Terror is a relatively obscure Golden Age , who appeared in 1941-42. He was in Mystic Comics by Timely Publication, the predecessor of Marvel Comics. The Terror made a comeback in The Sensational She-Hulk in 1990, but it didn’t quite fit in… anything. So this...

(Liberty Legion member)
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Forbes, who had found gold in Alaska. Forbes’s associate, Mike Zelby, fatally shot the doctor to get all the gold for himself. When Jack Frost came, the dying Dr. Forbes asked him to protect his daughter, who lived in New York City. Frost decided to go fight crime...

(Wesley Dodds)
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In late 1940, the Sandman was selected by Doctor Fate to join the struggle against the Nazis alongside several other American mystery-men, forming the Justice Society of America. Wartime In mid-1941, the JSA prevented Ian Karkull from murdering future American presidents. During this case the...

(Profile #1 - the 1950s)
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History Jimmy Woo’s youth wasn’t depicted. It is possible that he was born in the US of Chinese parents, perhaps traditionalists who fled China during the overthrown of the Qing dynasty  and the warlords years that ensued. But this is just a guess. As his adventures begin...