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Like seven inches from the midday sun He joined the Legion of Super-Villains in 2980. Sun Emperor led the team into an attempt at assassinating peace-trophy winner Doctor Larx Kenrik. It was also intended to discredit the Legion of Super-Heroes. He has fought alongside the LSV ever since,...

(Profile #1 - Silver Age)
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It may be that the Legionnaires were overcompensating, going out of their way to show how unaffected they were by the legends in their midst. Their pranks were certainly over the top. But it’s worth noting that both Supergirl and Superboy took comfort in having superpowered friends...

(Pre-Reboot version)
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This is all in addition to having an insane older brother who is just as powerful as he is and who wants Garth dead. Accordingly you may want to give Lightning Lad the Unluck Drawback, and you might also, on random occasions, give an opponent of his the Luck Advantage or even temporarily the Dumb...