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Post-Reboot version
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Shortly after the Legion’s fight against the Composite Man, Rokk encountered Doctor Micah Aven of Titan, who expressed a suspicion that U.P. President Chu was manipulating the Legion for her own purposes and had done similar things before…including the engineering of the...

(Post-Reboot version)
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Saturn Girl spent time in the hospital with no improvement, despite the attempts of her instructor from the Titan Institute. She was brought back to reality by Garth Ranzz, Live Wire, who was in love with her and for whom she had developed some attraction as well. Hardened She helped defeat the...

Gim Allon
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Upon responding, he found that his experience on the field of battle got him chosen leader by the United Planets, but after the fight against Tangleweb that cost Kid Quantum his life, he ceded the mantle to Cosmic Boy, who made Leviathan deputy leader. Gim, as Leviathan, has since made up for his...

Post-Reboot version
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History Broadway star Nancy Nolan received a nasty shock when her two sons were born : their faces were so badly deformed, she could hardly bear to look at them. She left them in the care of a scientist named Doc 30, who she didn’t know was an abusive thief, and seldom thought...