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(Dave Landers)
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The Clinic… The next day, the two drove to the Clinic. They met with a doctor, who gave them a tour. They decided to give their treatment a try. Both men were assigned to Therapy Group C, where they met a number of other paranormals. Dave developed an instant crush...

(Randy O'Brien)
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Later, the resident fell asleep after reading a classified ad for the Clinic for Paranormal Research. This a facility designed to help individuals who had acquired strange abilities. The negative image (which O’Brien would come to call an “Antibody”), under its own...

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Taken to the hospital and repeatedly operated upon, Hazzard eventually stabilised. However, his EEG was completely flat. His friends and colleagues joined Joan and Scotty at the hospital, and eventually it was Scotty who told the doctor to turn off his father’s life...