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(Dave Landers)
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The Clinic… The next day, the two drove to the Clinic. They met with a doctor, who gave them a tour. They decided to give their treatment a try. Both men were assigned to Therapy Group C, where they met a number of other paranormals. Dave developed an instant crush...

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“My name is Droom ! I have the wisdom of a lama, the skills of a yogi, the powers of a mystic ! In the dark shadow world of the occult, I dwell, destroying the evil, protecting the innocent !!! Danger is my task… justice, my goal !” Context...

Michael Devlin
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By the end of the XXth century, however, the Earth has gotten too small, and the frictions between humans and Shadows started to escalate – especially as the most powerful Shadow of all went public and passed itself off as that world’s first “super-hero”, Doctor Zero. The...

(Supreme Power version)
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History Emil Burbank is a man with many aliases. He is possibly the greatest intellect on the planet. He has Doctoral Degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Metallurgy, Psychology, Economics and literature from three different universities and under three different aliases. Apparently he has...

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The known tidbits about Ruby’s life are : The Summers’ struggle for mutant freedom was supported all along by the mutant Layla Miller, who knows stuff. For instance Miller told Scott and Emma to name their newborn daughter Ruby, even though Ruby’s gem-like form would...

(Randy O'Brien)
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Later, the resident fell asleep after reading a classified ad for the Clinic for Paranormal Research. This a facility designed to help individuals who had acquired strange abilities. The negative image (which O’Brien would come to call an “Antibody”), under its own...

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Taken to the hospital and repeatedly operated upon, Hazzard eventually stabilised. However, his EEG was completely flat. His friends and colleagues joined Joan and Scotty at the hospital, and eventually it was Scotty who told the doctor to turn off his father’s life...

(Michelinie's aborted 1970s cosmology)
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The most likely organisation is that there are 8 dimensions who are floating into a common interdimensional “void”. This void is divided between seven Shadow-Gods, and is thus considered to constitute 7 of the 15 worlds. It is aligned with chaos. This interdimensional void has...

(Profile #1 - Classic)
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The second part of this article is a character profile for the modern version of Rocket Raccoon – the one who appeared in 2007. Background Real Name: Ranger Rocket Raccoon. Other Aliases: “Rocky”. In Francophone games I’ll suggest translating his name to Raton Laser,...