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Repeater Rifle-Like Grenade Launcher A specialised infantry close support weapon that shoots 20mm grenades from a removable box magazine (“clip”). It looks like a bottom-heavy (6+ kilograms loaded) assault rifle, and is chiefly useful at ranges below 100m. Though somebody...

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Other Weapons Locker articles were then added to Writeups.Org and offer a more detailed look into more specific weapon types, such as bows, Star Wars lightsabres or modern anti-vehicle military missiles. These more detailed articles took precedence over this ’weapons 101’ article,...

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As in California, the highest rung of the ladder is those few organisations who still have access to beforetimes technology. These are the Brotherhood (regular and renegades) and the Enclave. Their fighters have power armour, heavy weapons, plasma weapons, etc. and are the 800 lbs. Spears...