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Powers and Abilities Demise can kill by locking eyes with a target and deliberately re-living the moment of his own death. Doing so “fills” his victim with these memories telepathically, and kills them in the process. This power can be resisted by those with strong mental...

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Only Doctor Tachyon knows that the Turtle is Thomas Tudbury. But ironically, Tachyon does not know who that is or where to locate him. The Turtle is dead After Tudbury faked his own death with Dr. Tachyon’s help, he continued as the Turtle. When the Joker ...

Daniel Brennan
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Brennan is a hunter, comfortable in the night and shadow – as quiet as death, and as remorseless. His skills at stealth were even considered remarkable by Carnifex, who was an experienced covert operator with superhuman agility. His compound bow is armed with four-vaned razorsharp...

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History Doctor Maxim Travnicek, an insane scientist blessed with superhuman engineering genius by the Wild Card virus, constructed modular Man. Travnicek intended Modular Man to be both proof of his genius to the scientific community that wrote him off as a madman and to be a meal ticket when...

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Tachyon is a geneticist from the planet Takis. He created what human doctors called “Xenovirus Takis-A” — the Wild Card virus. The virus (known to the Takisians as “the Enhancer”), was intended to boost their own psionic powers. It would allow his House...