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(Jeroen Thornedike)
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Quotes “All magic is, is change. I move things from here to there. Change this thought to that thought, step behind the scenes and rearrange the set. Remix reality.” “You know me as the Doctor, a founding member of the Authority, the international rescue and...

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The evil Doctor (who could have easily unmade reality or done any number of things) took pleasure in beating up The Authority. The fight was really one-sided and only ended when all of the Doctor’s powers actually caught up to him and he started to empathize with...

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Powers and Abilities Aswad seems to be a creature of intangible darkness ; she can however manifest extremely dangerous claws, which have been able to gruesomely eviscerate Luis Cisco and, in a later fight, the Doctor. She can also expand her darkness to blind large groups of people, and open...

(Dr. Mordecai Shaw)
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History Doctor Shaw, a mild-mannered FBI doctor, forensics specialist and researcher, developed an incredible condition during his adolescence – when he became agitated, he would transform into a monstrous, rampaging creature (it is unclear whether he always had his two tiny, extra arms,...

Alexander Hutton
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History Alex Hutton lost his parents when he was eight – they were going to appear as witnesses in the trial of corrupt cops in Chicago when a bomb blew up their car, killing them both. He was raised by his grandfather, a hunter and tracker who lived in the Rockies. The old man was an...

(Peter's profile)
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Another time travel event of import to Angie was to happen to her when she was in high school. She was sexually assaulted or harassed by the school doctor. She later found out that this man was the Renegade Doctor whom they fought in the series Earth Inferno. He had traveled back in...

(Christine Trelane)
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Kindred: animals altered to gain human features à la Doctor Moreau  (known source, IO’s Caballito island) Ex: Dingo, Sheba. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); History At first, she was merely an administrative officer, in charge of activating the...

 0   -   
Known allies : The Blue, the alien race that made contact with them in the 16th century. Originally, they are tall (about 8’), thin, humanoids with blue skin. Their bald head is comparatively bigger than humans. Their hands have three fingers. But there are...

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When he saw a familiar six-year-old boarding a bus, he intuitively realized it was the bomber and shot him in the head in a moment of blind panic, refusing to admit it was necessary to kill a child even as he pulled the trigger. He had hoped the kid couldn’t explode if he was...

(StormWatch) (part #3)
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Doctor Mordecai Shaw, a forensics expert and human-Daemonite hybrid whose hated alien form is called the Monstrosity. Liam Mendoza aka Paris, a Stormforce soldier. Officer Doran from the NYPD, the tactical leader. StormWatch Prime continued to operate as a superhuman strike force, though the...