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Power Level
(Steve Williams)
 0   -   
Generate explosive blasts from his hands (The “Doctor Bomb”). Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); History Steve Williams was a major football star at the University of Oklahoma  in the early 1980s. A pro-career was cut short when a...

(Ian Hodgkinson)
 0   -   
Ian knew better than to question his fortune, after having lost everything a number of times in his life. Sure he was being prostituted, but what could he do? Turn his back on the man that made him famous, the friend of Abdullah the Butcher, who had spared his life and given him this...

 0   -   
Realizing what he did, he rushed DDP to the emergency room. There the doctors gave DDP a transfusion from Hall, whose superhuman blood was the only thing that could save Page. Empowered DDP awoke days later with amazing powers. He also found the Diamond Studd gone, vanished as if...

(William Scott Goldberg)
 0   -   
The con wears out Unfortunately, Bischoff’s and Sullivan’s spin doctors had done their job too well. Other super powered beings like Tank Abbot and Bam Bam Bigelow later came after Bill, wanting to take him and his image down. Around this time, Bischoff’s mob contacts became...