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Typical examples of situations where such a rule might pop up : Interrogating a trained professional. Or perhaps somebody who has been interrogated by the police many times and knows how it works. Political negotiation, high-stakes commercial negotiation, hostage negotiation and similar...

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This page is here to help people who do not find the Search page intuitive. This one weird trick will astound you ! The one thing that’s not directly visible is that you can click on the orange “Search” button on top of every page WITHOUT TYPING ANY TEXT. When you do...

Character-specific tweaks and advantages
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As it stands, Players who think a Schtick in the list below is a perfect match for a character concept are encouraged to discuss with their friendly neighbourhood GM for greenlighting and pricing. Note that Schticks are not the universal answer to modelling low-key unusual abilities. Do...

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Full Recovery With Infrastructure Bonus (+1 FC). As above, but this requires access to some sort of common infrastructure such as a forge, a leatherworking shop, a hospital or doctor’s office, a lake, an electrical grid, a garage, etc. and may require a payment to use these...

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8 Heroic, world class expert. A contender among the pantheons of the very best musicians, doctors, scientists, Formula One drivers, etc. in the world. Called a genius by some. 9 Cinematic genius in that area. Author of various breakthroughs and impossibly knowledgeable in the...