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Oddly enough, his paralysis ray seemed to have a curative effect on its victim, who had been suffering from a fatal disease. I assumed that this was a once-in-a-lifetime random occurrence; however, if you wish to allow for this possibility, assume that the Paralysis power also causes a...

Barry Metzner
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Veering away from his technological skills, Metzner became a psychology maven, then a full professor with an enviable track record at publication. When the new Lake Shore University was built and open, he joined it. For a time his main problem was finding a secretary that wouldn’t...

(The man who studied with Bruce Lee)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); He was eventually hired by Doctor Moon. Moon’s men had conquered a Shaolin monastery in Northern China to capture the retired O-Sensei. Moon then began torturing the old man for the secrets of his kung-fu. The...

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History The Preying Mantis seems to have originally been an American man, born a freak of nature – with green, slightly chitinous skin and an insect-like head and features. When it became clear that no doctor could improve on his fearsome visage, he decided to exile himself from society...

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Despite his utter blindness, the younger Ojo had tremendous success in school. Thanks to his genius, he eventually received a doctorate from a major university. Devoting himself to research, Ojo created an artificial sight device but kept his findings to himself. He disappeared soon...

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History Topper was a servant of Doctor Moon when the latter was working with criminal industrialist Guano Cravat. Moon sent thugs to harass and beat up the fresh students at Richard Dragon’s newly opened dojo, and the kung fu fighter swiftly determined where Moon’s hideout was. It...

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Effect molecular transformation. He used this to project a 3D, lifelike image of Vartox to show Superman who had triggered his new fever. Generally, Karb-Brak evidenced every little power that could make the plot convenient and/or provide readers with a quick, visual recap of what had gone on...

(Jack Kirby's original version)
OMAC lives... so that man may live!
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Having to act surgically, quickly and preventively, the GPA came up with the concept of one agent who could do the work of an entire army. This one-man army would enforce international law with tremendous power but also a precision impossible for any large military or law enforcement unit. Thus...

(Pre-Crisis version)
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Reardon was taken away by the criminals, who wanted to recruit him to become their enforcer. Taking him to a doctor, they discovered Reardon’s eyes couldn’t be repaired. But Gotham’s top ophthalmologist, Dr. Engstrom, could attempt a special, highly...

(Pre-Crisis Earth-1)
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From one caption, we know that he’s a millionaire who decided to become a costumed criminal. He seems to be chiefly looking for thrills and danger. Earth-1 Killer Moth is also know to be an ally of the Cavalier. A curious costume caper The Moth is first mentioned in a strange caper...