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Trevor, who named names and described the lunatic behaviour of some officers. However, the hearings failed to produce any results, leaving them both exposed. General Kohler, one of the officers denounced by Trevor, demoted him to a pointless desk job. Furthermore, he had Lt. Candy demoted from...

(part #2)
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Lawson maintained radio contact long enough to guide the Commander toward Jacob Taylor, who had been fighting his way toward the lab holding Shepard. Taylor and Zombie Shepard then shot their way to the shuttles bay. They correctly assumed that this also was Lawson’s destination. Her...

(Universe AZ version)
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His childhood was anything but idyllic as he had an abusive, alcoholic father who would beat him regularly (something he shares with Wally West). Guy’s mother would turn a blind eye towards her husband’s abusive behavior most likely out of self-preservation. His father’s only...

(Profile #2 - Earlier)
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From then on Kitty ages as slowly as any comic books character. From 1984 to 2009 she aged maybe 8 or 9 years, max. As a random data point, in the 2002 Mekanix limited series, she resumes doctoral work in physics and seems to be roughly the same age as the other grad students, or perhaps a...

(Oliver Grayson)
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Through the sheer force of will alone, he can move his entire body and fly at fantastic speeds. Oliver has shown that he is capable of matching speeds with his brother, Invincible, who is capable of traveling over 8000 miles in less than 25 seconds within the Earth’s atmosphere. He...

(Grim Dawn) (part #3 - Ashes of Malmouth)
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Malmouth is burning From Malmouth, the Aetherials playfully sent a new kind of abomination South. It almost crushed Devil’s Crossing, inflicting great casualties among the rag-tag survivors. With her crime scene experience, Mardirossian suspected that the thing had been sent to...

(Dr. Crystal Frost)
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Since the art depicts her as comic-book-attractive, one may imagine that she was a beautiful woman who experienced frequent depressive episodes during which she was convinced that she was unprepossessing and frumpy. Since as Killer Frost she later clad herself in a dress flaunting her legs, back and...

(Kaleb) (AZ Universe version)
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The people of Earth believed Counter-Earth had been destroyed in the battle. So did Earth’s allies, who mounted a retailiatory strike against the Skrull which resulted in the “Six Minute War” annihilating the Skrullian culture and giving eventual rise to the Durlan people. The...

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History Theodore Simms was born August 8, 1910 to Oscar and Genevieve Simms. Oscar was a brilliant amateur scientist who made important contributions to the radio industry while Genevieve was a sought after voice coach and singer teacher. With this sort of background, Theodore...

(Cinematic version)
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Blomkvist, but the breakout character was his ally the punk hacker Lisbeth Salander. Lisbeth is a quasi-superheroine who’d fit in well in many modern super-hero settings. The history section here is a detailed, chronological account of her personal history, her father’s history,...