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(Dr. Crystal Frost)
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Since the art depicts her as comic-book-attractive, one may imagine that she was a beautiful woman who experienced frequent depressive episodes during which she was convinced that she was unprepossessing and frumpy. Since as Killer Frost she later clad herself in a dress flaunting her legs, back and...

(Kaleb) (AZ Universe version)
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The people of Earth believed Counter-Earth had been destroyed in the battle. So did Earth’s allies, who mounted a retailiatory strike against the Skrull which resulted in the “Six Minute War” annihilating the Skrullian culture and giving eventual rise to the Durlan people. The...

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History Theodore Simms was born August 8, 1910 to Oscar and Genevieve Simms. Oscar was a brilliant amateur scientist who made important contributions to the radio industry while Genevieve was a sought after voice coach and singer teacher. With this sort of background, Theodore...

(Cinematic version)
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Blomkvist, but the breakout character was his ally the punk hacker Lisbeth Salander. Lisbeth is a quasi-superheroine who’d fit in well in many modern super-hero settings. The history section here is a detailed, chronological account of her personal history, her father’s history,...

(Samuel Barone)
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Barone can be called a bokor since this often means a mercenary magic man capable of performing evil spells — but the meaning of the word changes depending on local vaudou customs. In 2009 Barone stated that he knew magic using both the left and right hand (i.e., evil and good). One...

(Ann Nocenti take)
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are also markedly different from one personality to the next. Any person familiar with her will instantly realises who she is now when she shifts. The simplest clue is how her hair changes, apparently from subtle application of telekinesis. People not familiar with her can easily believe...

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The Rebellion The rebels opposing Luthor’s brutal regime learned of the Krypton Protocol. They sought to use it for the very end that Luthor strove to prevent: finding a hero who could topple his empire. Though the rebels did not know the parameters of the Krypton Protocol, they were...

(Profile #1 - Earliest)
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(As usual, we aren’t assuming a sliding time scale. See the Ageing in the Marvel Universe article for more.) Pryde’s early life was unremarkable. She was a mostly ordinary White suburbanite kid in Deerfield, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. After puberty, however, she...

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The game is about people who are Humanity’s vanguard in dealing with aliens and joining Citadel space. But even these experts are still orienting themselves and discovering the immense scale and diversity of the galaxy. And of course they have to deal with pressure from scared people...

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FWIW Laureline is commonly thought to have been influential in French comics. She was an early heroine in a genre story who within a few years had gained a notable level of agency, and wasn’t that defined by the men around her. The other big trailblazer in this category is Yoko...