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Personality Doctor Strange is a domineering megalomaniac who revels in his reputation as “the master of evil”. He’s your generic 1950s conquering mad genius. However, he feels guilty over having neglecting his daughter during his years as a criminal...

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Description The costume of Mister Doll may have had magical significance. In particular, the horned headgear is roughly similar to the one worn by the witch doctor who sold Dolly the doll. Plus, there was no apparent reason for Mister Doll to run around in a costume –...

(Roger Corman's Fantastic Four C-movie)
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In a low budget terrible movie, there are sometimes gems that can be salvaged. The Jeweler is a generic old-school mastermind working in the shadows of the battle between Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four. In this story, the Fantastic Four might never have been if not for…The...

(Profile #1 - classic)
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while their origin is unrevealed, the Quantum Bands have become a tool of the cosmic entity Eon, who would become Wendell’s patron. Over the millennia, Eon has regularly armed a “Protector of the Universe” with the Bands to defeat major menaces. Eon manifests as a surreal,...

(Part #2)
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Quotes “Hate, my sisters ! Hate gives me the power — the power to walk unshod on a carpet of fire ! The power to resist all who would stand in my way — our way — hate is the puissance supreme — the mover of all things ! Chant with...

(part #2)
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Lawson maintained radio contact long enough to guide the Commander toward Jacob Taylor, who had been fighting his way toward the lab holding Shepard. Taylor and Zombie Shepard then shot their way to the shuttles bay. They correctly assumed that this also was Lawson’s destination. As...

(Riri Williams) (Part #1)
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As a little girl Riri was a difficult child. Her mother and stepfather consulted a local paedopsychologist. This doctor determined that Riri was a super-genius. Thus, the problem was that she was bored with seemingly age-appropriate activities. Having seen this before, the doctor...

(Pat Morita in Karate Kid movies)
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Miyagi met his wife in Hawaii; she worked as a cane cutter. Miyagi was a Sergeant fighting Germans at the time. Miyagi lost both his son and wife in 1944 due to complications during childbirth. No doctor came. Miyagi earned several wartime medals including a Medal of Honor for...

(Jessica Drew) (Benchmark)
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Spider-Woman lost her Lightning when Doctor Strange freed her astral body (which had been trapped by Morgan Le Fey), and sacrificed her Energy Absorption and Systemic Antidote in order to save the second Giant-Man. Left with few paranormal abilities, she concentrated on her PI career, retiring...

(Karla Sofen) (Profile #3 - early Thunderbolts)
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Karla adopted Jolt as a kind of surrogate younger sister, probably as someone who’d be easily manipulated at first. But she did seem to come to genuinely care for her, no matter how much she tried to pretend otherwise. Her inability to admit this was probably the reason Jolt remained so...