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(Grim Dawn) (part #3 - Ashes of Malmouth)
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Malmouth is burning From Malmouth, the Aetherials playfully sent a new kind of abomination South. It almost crushed Devil’s Crossing, inflicting great casualties among the rag-tag survivors. With her crime scene experience, Mardirossian suspected that the thing had been sent to...

(Riri Williams) (Part #1)
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As a little girl Riri was a difficult child. Her mother and stepfather consulted a local paedopsychologist. This doctor determined that Riri was a super-genius. Thus, the problem was that she was bored with seemingly age-appropriate activities. Having seen this before, the doctor...

(Grim Dawn) (part #2 - The Devil's Executioner cometh)
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The refugees at the prison were highly reluctant to trust Mardirossian. This was doubly true after a doctor among them, Kasparov, determined that the newcomer’s body remained suffused with aetheric energy. To assuage their fears, Mardirossian volunteered to check the origin of renewed...

(Profile #1 - Early)
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When Doctor Synne tried to kill Jamie, Betsy was flying Brian home. Synne’s psychic attack caused her to crash. This allowed him to exercise control over her mind, later causing Elizabeth to attack her brothers, seeing them as monsters. Hospitalized, she recovered from the event in...

(Nekra Sinclair)
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Black Spectre’s endgame Black Spectre captured Shanna the She-Devil, who had come to New York to pursue the assassins of her father. Daredevil managed to board their flagship again, only to be captured. Thankfully, the Black Widow broke the Mandrill’s mesmerism at this...

(Part #2)
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Quotes “Hate, my sisters ! Hate gives me the power — the power to walk unshod on a carpet of fire ! The power to resist all who would stand in my way — our way — hate is the puissance supreme — the mover of all things ! Chant with...

(Grim Dawn) (Part #1 - Setting)
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(It seems that the Aetherials were expelled by a pantheon, perhaps led by one Empyrion the Lightbringer, who later mostly left Cairn. Presumably, the Aetherials had to wait for this departure for any plan to return to Cairn to be viable.) Typical house interior, with...

(Netflix version) (Part #2)
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Cage was able to locate Claire, so she could help with his wounds. The pair tracked down Bernstein, the mysterious doctor who had given Luke his powers. He had become obsessed with Cage and was more than happy to help. But the process allowing for treating Cage’s...

(part #2)
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Lawson maintained radio contact long enough to guide the Commander toward Jacob Taylor, who had been fighting his way toward the lab holding Shepard. Taylor and Zombie Shepard then shot their way to the shuttles bay. They correctly assumed that this also was Lawson’s destination. As...

(G.I. Joe) (Lonzo Wilkinson)
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Armed Forces) and the sinister Cobra organization (who were dedicated to world conquest). Our write-ups specifically cover the first 56 issues of the 1982-1994 Marvel comics series which took place in it’s own universe (and thus exclude any events found in any other comics (IDW, Image, etc.)...