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Power Level
(Mod. 1 Mk. 1 "Gray Armor")
 0   -   
Operation Unlike some later Iron Man suits, the original required familiarization to operate. For a completely untrained operator, even walking is in DC Heroes terms a Difficult DEX/DEX task. Simply standing is Challenging at first. Stark could familiarize himself with...

(Mod. 1 Mk. 2 "Golden Armor")
 0   -   
During its very first appearance, the M1 Mk2 suit seems mid-powered – a clear improvement over the M1 Mk1, but not earthshaking. However, Iron Man then starts being depicted as being crushingly powerful, able to casually overcome most man-made obstacles and war...

(Mod V Golden Avenger)
 0   -   
Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities The Iron Man Mark V “Golden Avenger” battlesuit is a state-of- the art piece of combat weaponry, despite the fact that its first appearance was in the 1960s. The...

(Mk VI Silver Centurion)
 0   -   
The accidental death of Titanium Man II combined with Stark’s vigilantism attracted the notice of the US Government. They sent agent Firepower in a specially designed suit to take out Iron Man. Badly beaten in combat, Stark retreated to a helicopter. Stark...

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 0   -   
Powers & Abilities Hy Torque drives a special muscle car, equipped with a huge ram plate. It is capable of knocking over all sorts of obstacles, and could match the power of a Golden Avenger-class Iron Man suit. He usually operates with two henchmen. They help...

(Profile #1 - 1963-64)
 0   -   
I am Iron Man In the US, Stark built a much refined version of his Iron Man suit, and a pacemaker chestplate that he could wear even under a dress shirt. He began to secretly operate as Iron Man, handling very minor threats of the era such as...

 0   -   
His armoured costume includes an exoskeleton further increasing his strength, wrist repulsors and boot jets. It’s a sort of super-light Iron Man suit. Apparently, Kort would frequently detail a few Cybernoids to operate along with the Soviet. History Tostovitch used...

(Maximilian Zaran)
 0   -   
Zaran can use nearly every weapon in existence, except possibly for such specialized systems as the Iron Man suit. To quote the comics, he is “master of ancient and modern weapons including knives, bows, staves, maces, spears, nunchakus, suriken (sic), guns”. He also knows a...

 0   -   
The man who killed the Iron Man Stark, in one of his usual schemes, used that event to convince the world that the rogue Avenger was dead. He stated that the next wearers of the Iron Man suit were different men. When the military tried to obtain the...

(Dr. Gregor Shapanka profile #2) (a.k.a. Jack Frost)
 0   -   
Such robots have occasionally attacked Iron Man, wrongly assuming that he held Shapanka’s corpse (which was burned to a cinder by Iron Man 2020). One such attack occurred in 2011. Howbeit, they don’t seem that dangerous given the power of modern...