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History Billy Jones grew up in Watts, one of the worst sections of LA. He and some of his friends were saved from the streets by Papa Byrd, who established a karate school that gave them focus and self-discipline. As Jones grew up he became one of the top teachers in the school. He...

(2003 Willard movie)
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When Willard arrived home from the funeral, the rats were upstairs again. Cathryn, a sympathetic co-worker, dropped by with a gift during his time of grieving. Ironically, the gift was an orange tabby named “Scully”. Willard put the cat in the house and it fought for its...

(Cinematic version)
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Description Bond is a handsome white male, quite tall but not unusually so and with a fit but not overly muscular built. He is always clad in the finest suits and gives the impression of being a real gentleman. Personality The Personality section also includes some alternate approaches to...