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Description A deathly thin man with pale, splotched, hairless skin and bony limbs. He wears a full body latex gore suit with a number of leather straps across his body. He also wears a custom made gas mask with sinister shaped lenses. Underneath his mask, his face is a horrid mess of burn...

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Métal Hurlant Horrigan is permanently sealed within a custom suit of power armour. It is based on the Enclave’s version of infantry power armour, which is more advanced than most common suits from the War. This suit doubles as a life support system for Horrigan, allowing him to stay...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #4 - Biggest little city in the world)
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The iron sights are good enough to also use it as a semi-auto marksman’s rifle for long-distance shooting. This spares the ammunition stocks, and Alessa prefers to place her shots anyway. Winchester City-Killer This assault shotgun (a gift from the super-mutant miners in Broken Hills) is...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #6 - Finale)
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Group Affiliation: Arroyo Tribals, New California Republic Rangers, honorary made man of the Wright Family of New Reno. Base of Operations: Mobile. Height: 5’6″ Weight: 128 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ...

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I agree. The man wrote Batwoman: Elegy, so he clearly cannot be wrong. Basic logic, here. So let’s break out the No-Prize Hypothesis : We know a fair bit about Templars, and how they use training and lyrium to resist magic. A key bit here is that Alistair states that...

(Profile #1 - Mass Effect)
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Garrus was a man of action even by Turian standards. He grew increasingly frustrated by procedures, rights and regulations. His methodology became increasingly fast and loose, and his presence increasingly came to signify police brutality, violent interrogations, violations of civil...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #2 - Vic)
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A 10mm semi-automatic pistol on a dead trapper, killed by mutant rats. Until she buys… A Dan Wesson .44 magnum snub-nosed revolver with a very poorly calibrated laser sight. The iron sights were sawn off, and it was generally filed and tinkered with to facilitate fast-draws. A...

(Profile #1 - enforcer)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); New Man in Town When Tommy first arrived in Vice City, the only connections he had were to the Forelli Crime Family and Ken Rosenberg. As he worked his way into Vice City political power structure, he quickly made more...

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Gamemasters considering a Mass Effect campaign might ponder whether adding 15-ish years between the Mars discovery and Mass Effect suits them. That would make Anderson 61 as Mass Effect starts, which seems more in line with how he’s depicted. History David Anderson was born in London in...

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The old man and space Being centuries old he sees himself as the voice of wisdom. He often offers sarcastic, bitter advice to younger folks in the vague hope of helping them without getting involved in their problems. Though he’s burnt out, Wrex would like the Krogans to be more than...