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(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #4 - Biggest little city in the world)
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The iron sights are good enough to also use it as a semi-auto marksman’s rifle for long-distance shooting. This spares the ammunition stocks, and Alessa prefers to place her shots anyway. Winchester City-Killer This assault shotgun (a gift from the super-mutant miners in Broken Hills) is...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #6 - Finale)
 0   -   
Group Affiliation: Arroyo Tribals, New California Republic Rangers, honorary made man of the Wright Family of New Reno. Base of Operations: Mobile. Height: 5’6″ Weight: 128 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #2 - Vic)
 0   -   
A 10mm semi-automatic pistol on a dead trapper, killed by mutant rats. Until she buys… A Dan Wesson .44 magnum snub-nosed revolver with a very poorly calibrated laser sight. The iron sights were sawn off, and it was generally filed and tinkered with to facilitate fast-draws. A...

(Profile #1 - enforcer)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); New Man in Town When Tommy first arrived in Vice City, the only connections he had were to the Forelli Crime Family and Ken Rosenberg. As he worked his way into Vice City political power structure, he quickly made more...

 0   -   
Eyes: Blue Hair: Bald (with black eyebrows) Powers and Abilities 47 is a genetically enhanced clone designed to be the ultimate hitman. Some accounts describe his strength and agility as being superhuman, but his actual performance in those areas (and the exertion required for said...

(Alessa-Maria Hassan) (Profile #3 - Safe in Vault City)
 0   -   
Sensing where this was headed, Sulik moved in. He hurriedly explained that Modoc should compensate Alessandra to the best of their abilities, right *now*. Getting the message, the locals offered a perfectly cured and badass-looking suit of leather armour, an assault rifle in pretty good...

(Profile #1 - Early)
 0   -   
Do not suffer the rule of magic over man. Drakon, Emperor of Orlais, founded the Chantry — the church teaching the Chant of Light — 170 years after the death of Andraste. The prophetess was slain during her jihad against the Tevinter magocracy. Even the remnants of the Tevinter...

(Profile #2 - Drug lord)
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Tommy secured the necessary printing plates by the simple expedient of robbing a local counterfeiting ring. As the fake money rolled off of the presses, Tommy had an inspiration about using it in regard to the Forellis. This was serendipitous timing, because the Forellis had waited long...

(World of Warcraft sample Player Character)
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Eyes: Glowing yellow Hair: Black Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers & Abilities Madam Delamorte is almost completely useless, but she’s sweet and likable (if obviously demented). She’s a bit like a much older version of...