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Her tool of trade is her super high tech fighting armor suit, designed by Sylia. History In 2033 the old city of Tōkyō was leveled by tremendous earthquakes, called the Great Kanto Earthquakes. These killed millions of people. From the ashes of the city, the Genom Corporation...

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(Though this is never really said in the videos, it is clearly stated in the comics, and perfectly suits Sylia’s coolness.) When she discovered that, she knew that she hadthe tools to counter Genom’s expansion: the money, the time, and the technological data. She designed the...

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However, a man named Quincy (last name unknown) used AI technology stolen from Doctor Katsuhito Stingray, and the ability to absorb foreign material from the now defunct cyborg Metallo, to create Boomers. These machines soon found their way into every niche in modern life, from service androids and...

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DC Universe History In the wake of the heroes and villains of the late 20th and early 21st centuries finally growing old and either retiring or dying, the world seemed to almost settle back down to normal. However, a man named Quincy (last name unknown) used AI technology stolen from Doctor...