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(Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon version)
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Other Aliases: Bug-man, Bug-Boy, Bug-brain, Puny Parker (By Flash Thompson), Pete; Petey; Parker; Spidey; Wall-Crawler; Web-Slinger; Web-Swinger; Webs; Web-Head; the Webbed Wonder. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: May Parker (Aunt), Ben Parker (Uncle, Deceased), unnamed parents...

 0   -   
Finally, he has his body suit that gives him the capacity to withstand the cold and vacuum of outer space. Blip Randy, in his original writeup, states: “Although a normal spider monkey to outward appearances, Blip clearly understood human speech and displayed enough intelligence to summon Space...

(Wayne Sneeden)
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History Wayne is a fourth-generation military man. He is very big on personal discipline. He likes marching ten miles before breakfast. He enjoys sitting in the bush for three days waiting to ambush an opponent who may or not pass him by. Most of all, he loves pushing himself to...

(Rokuru Odajima)
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Description Rock is a nondescript Japanese man in his mid-20s. He is extremely formal and diplomatic in his speeches and mannerisms in a distinctly Japanese way (e.g., he bows a lot). He also always dresses as a salary man complete with suit and tie, though he generally goes without the...

(Kuro Hazama)
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Black Jack’s adventures involve frequent sacrifice to help others for its own sake, and contempt toward those who choose not to help their fellow man. Description Black Jack has various patchwork scars, two-toned skin and clearly distinct black and white hair. He looks like discolored...

(animated JLU version)
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As they left the lab, however, the heroes were attacked by mysterious agents. After the battle, the Question discovered that the robot that agents had used in the attack was tracable to the Army, and to General Hardcastle, the man who’d put Supergirl in the hospital. When the...

 0   -   
The young Keaton impressed Daniel with his keen perception and fighting skills, and the older man offered him a job as an investigator. Lloyd’s of London Ten years have passed since then. Keaton’s combat training serves him in good stead as an insurance investigator for the prestigious...

(Andrea Beaumont)
 0   -   
She is adept at leading her victims or opponents to believe she has paranormal abilities such as intangibility, invisibility, and possibly teleportation. Making use of her padded costume and voice synthesizers, she is capable of convincingly portraying a man. Phantasm’s main weapon is a...

(Tony Stark) (2007 animated movie version)
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Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers and Abilities Tony Stark is an inventor and savvy businessman. He is responsible for the creations of new construction technologies, weapons, and at least three variations of...

(Young Justice cartoon version)
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Project Kr awakens Upon entry to the chamber, they found a comatose young man standing within a large glass pod. He was dressed in a skintight white body suit with a Superman ’s’ shield emblazoned prominently on his chest. When the initial shock of the scene passed, Robin...