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(Liberty Legion member)
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I feel safe in New York City However, when Frost introduced himself to the NYPD’s Commissioner, he was considered a madman. The strange man stormed out after having had a little fun with his ice powers and the expense of nearby policemen. This made him a wanted man. Frost bought...

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This limitation seems to have vanished post-Crisis. The stick was able to affect the Rock of Eternity as well as the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Other stick quirks The Ibistick will do no harm to its master...

(Jason Rogers)
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(The 1941 incident was actually chronicled in 1981. Roy Thomas may have meant to make a reference to the Monster, without fully working everything out to have a coherent Golden Age continuity. He did that fairly often early on, perhaps because he didn’t think he’d get to do...

(The Blind Science Wizard)
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A test was done to turn a human soldier invisible. It succeeded, but the man couldn’t see either and was accidentally killed. Since being blind was nothing new to him, Dr. Scott became the second test subject. He then flew the captured ship up. Our hero joined the invisible...

(Bob Grayson profile #1 - 1950s version)
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He was a two-fisted, sharp-eyed, science-minded, bright super-hero from another planet. Though *of course* he looked like an handsome blond, White young man. His legacy was surprisingly large. Beyond the modernised version of Marvel Boy as The Uranian, he directly inspired Quasar (Wendell...