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(Wink World version)
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Skills: Acrobatics (Dodging and Arial superiority): 09; Detective: 05; Martial Arts: 08; Military Science: 05; Thief (Stealth, only while Gliding): 10 Advantages: Claws (wings)(L); Ritual (summon horse) Connections: Apocalypse (L); other 3 horsemen (H) Drawbacks: Strange Appearance; Exile: He cannot...

(Legion of Super Heroes meets Aliens)
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Lieutenant Ande “Iron” Nola (KIA). Lieutenant Nura “Onira” Nal. Lieutenant Thom “Stellar” Kallor. Lieutenant Jacques Foccart. Lieutenant Lyle Norg (KIA). Aspirant Psi-phon (traitor, MIA). Aspirant Dreadnaught (traitor, MIA). Aspirant James Cullen (KIA). ...