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Power Level
(Pre-Crisis version)
 0   -   
History On the world of Myar, which was noted for its alchemists, a young man developed a secret formula. It gave him the unique ability to adapt whatever power or powers he needed to defeat any one opponent. At least, that was the story Nemesis Kid provided when he applied for and won...

 0   -   
He had an intermediate version between the green-and-yellow suit and the blue-and-red suit ; it’s basically the same as his blue-and-red suit, except with bare arms and legs, but still wearing boots. It’s not pictured here because it’s one of the most hideous costumes...

(Pre-Reboot version)
 0   -   
Known Relatives: Grev Mallor (Shadow Kid, cousin), Sarven Mallor (grandfather), Tarnia Tolarn (Mother), Lyrissa Mallor (distant foremother, deceased), Lydea Mallor (distant foremother, presumed deceased), unnamed man (Lyrissa’s husband and Lydea’s father, thus a distant forefather of...

(Pre-reboot version)
 0   -   
Description A tall, formidably muscled man, Lightning Lord is still young but has stark white hair and piercing blue eyes. Overall, he’s an imposing figure with tremendous personal charisma, marred by the occasional deranged look in his eyes. He’s aware that he can be both...

(Five-Year Gap version)
 0   -   
Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); History Taryn Loy is the daughter of Bismoll’s most famous atomic scientist. He’s the man who devised a process to give Bismollians super-strength. So far as is known, the only Bismollian who has been...

(Classic version)
 0   -   
The Fatal Five were easily among the Legion’s most dangerous foes, ironic as the Legion itself created them. Under Tharok’s influence, Validus fought the Legion many times, and in one of those battles crushed the original Invisible Kid in his giant fist. After Tharok died battling...