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The man who killed the Iron Man Stark, in one of his usual schemes, used that event to convince the world that the rogue Avenger was dead. He stated that the next wearers of the Iron Man suit were different men. When the military tried to obtain the...

(Kondrati Topolov)
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It was remarkably fast and precise. In this respect it was comparable to the Iron Man Stealth suit, which quite surprised Tony Stark. This was likely achieved with some form of sophisticated cybernetic controls keyed to the Gremlin’s mutant mind. It is thus...

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Eyes: Unrevealed Hair: Unrevealed Powers and Abilities Triple-Iron is a very, very tall man with superlative training in the martial arts. He uses his immense size and reach to his advantage. And is armed with a specialised melee weapon that extends said reach even further. Beyond his...

(Alex Draguno)
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Eyes: Green Hair: Red Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Powers & Abilities Alex is the most gifted exoskeleton pilot of the Russian Black Academy. She was skilled enough to beat Iron Man in a fight – until he cheated by destroying the...

(Gregori Larionov)
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The first suit was practically identical in aspect to the Gremlin’s original armour. It seemed roughly as powerful – though I get the impression its beams were a tad less powerful and it was more mobile. Presumably, it was salvaged nearly intact from the Gremlin’s labs. ...

(Kevin Leonardo)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Atomic rampage As “Atom-Smasher”, he killed guards and took over the plant, obtaining a TV interview. The military cordoned off the area while an operative with a Firepower Mk2 power armour was en...

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Feeling that everything was his fault, Curtis saved Diamond and Wing. He developed a cure to restore them to flesh. Grateful for this, Luke Cage’s partner Iron Fist arranged for Carr to get a job with Stark Enterprises. He was hired in 1983. Working for the (Iron) Man Now an...

(Brian DeWolff)
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The Wraith arises Two years later arose a mysterious terrorist by the name of the Wraith. He was killing selected individuals by throwing explosive toy planes at them (!). Spider-Man (Peter Parker) was a witness to one of those killings and became involved in the case. Later the same...

(Abner Jenkins)
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A hard blow was the destruction of both the first and second generation Beetle suits by Iron Man (the first during Stark’s onslaught against Hammer, the second during the Armor Wars). Thunderbolts, ho ! Abe was approached by Baron Zemo II to become part of his...

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He can also try to neutralise a targets powers, which is easier if they’re radiation-based (such as She-Hulk and Spider-Man). This is also possible for non-radiation-based powers (such as him disrupting Moonstone’s Dispersal, or Arnim Zola’s Personality Transfer). History (A...