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Powers & Abilities Hy Torque drives a special muscle car, equipped with a huge ram plate. It is capable of knocking over all sorts of obstacles, and could match the power of a Golden Avenger-class Iron Man suit. He usually operates with two henchmen. They help...

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Iron Man’s helmet picks up a radio report that an intruder is breaking in to the uranium vaults. Arriving there, shellhead sees a downed guard who warns, “He called himself Battleaxe, Iron Man. He’s big, mean and hungry.” At that moment, Battleaxe comes...

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Like the original it is a very muscular and athletic man. Its black supervillain suit covers all but its arms and head. It also wears black boots, a black cape, a black symbol on the chest and on its back and a pair of thick black gloves. The Shadow Supreme looks eerie and evil, as well as...

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As the Shredder, Saki wore a nondescript blue or red cloth body suit that covered him from neck to foot. He strapped pieces of metal plates to the forearms, shins and shoulders of the costume. Each plate was covered in razor sharp blades which Saki used to deadly effect in combat. Finally,...

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Other Aliases: The Shark Man. Marital Status: Presumably single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Frightening Force, The Covenant of the Sword, The Vicious Circle. Base Of Operations: Chicago. Height: 5’9″ Weight: 475 lbs. Eyes: Red Hair: None Advertisement ...

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Dax is also the world’s leading authority on the mysterious mineral known as Supremium (see the Supremium Man character profile). He sometimes uses its properties in his plans to destroy Supreme. Most often, Dax uses his most recent inventions/weapons while accompanied (in person or at a...