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Lux has access to his own version of the ISO Compute Cloud and Quantum Teleporter. When travelling for business or to attack his enemies, he makes use of his own powerful real-world Light Cycle variant and/or his awesome customer Flyer. He also makes use of a Grid Combat Suit and an...

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Helter-Skelter has been described as wearing “ginsu armor”. The surface of the silvery suit is covered with razor-edged overlapping scales of a substance which might be adamantium /ceramic micromolecular laminate. Combined with the extensive blades extending from the...

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While in his Doppler guise, Florian dresses in whatever uniform or costume best suits his role in the operation. This ranges from paramilitary fatigues to a spandex costume. Personality Shane Florian is a charming, charismatic man. He is quite capable of talking almost anyone into being...