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Description A average sized man in good shape, with a distinctive handlebar moustache in an Armani suit. Personality A smooth and sociopathic egotist, calculating, greedy and lecherous. Quotes “That is a very interesting sidearm. Who manufactured it ?” “Let’s not...

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(Professional Agents/Crime Killers, if you must know) Base Of Operations: USA Height: 5’11” Weight: 190 lbs Eyes: Presumably brown Hair: No Powers and Abilities Doctor Steel (he presumably has a doctorate in arse-kickin’) is a formidable unarmed martial artist, brawler and...

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The chainsaw, particularly, doesn’t need ammo, is devastating and is well suited to close encounters with zombies and the like. These do not have distance weapons or powers. History In the year 2032, a strange warp in the continuum opened in the old Municipal Building in the heart of Old...