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(Quake monster)
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Description The Enforcers have a hi-tech armored suit that looks like the Michelin Man rebuilt by Terminators. Personality Guard a specific location. Charge and attack any intruders. DC Universe History Any malevolent mystical entity could seize control of a S.T.A.R. Labs teleportation...

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Knee-deep in the dead Unfortunately for them, there was one survivor. This man was a particularly tough marine, who was ordered to protect the rear of the assault elements. Three years before, he had assaulted a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon civilians. The officer...

(Profile #1 - Wolfenstein 3D)
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Quarkblitz) have advanced technological knowledge, apparently of demonic origin. This is still at the field-testable prototype stage, but it includes : 9x19mm man-portable miniguns with a 100-round magazine. Large pistols shooting micro-rockets with an HE warhead. Mutated undead...

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Max headed over to Ragna Rock and promptly brought the drug den back in line with the original meaning of “shooting gallery”. Jack Lupino was in his perverse church at the top of Ragna Rock, a polyglot mix of every occult fad known to modern man with an emphasis on Norse mythology,...